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Hestia - Fire and light juggling team

About Us
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We are a trio of two girls and a guy, and we have a wide range of interests and perfection in many kind of different movements and acting styles. Because of our concordant main objectives and the necessity of the precise work, we decided to establish the Hestia Fire- and Light Juggling Team, which deals not only with fire, but with light shows and acting. We orientate ourselves to the art of movements, choreography and eroticism rather than the simple use of our tools. In the interest of broadening our view, gaining more experience, and becoming more and more active, we have acquired unique references countrywide. Some of our permanent co-operations, which are worth mentioning: performances with acrobatic martial artists, belly dancers, dancing artists, drift racing cars and street fighter bikers. Now we have spent enough time with each other to develop our individualistic, yet close-fitting styles. Erika had to measure up to our special requirements when she got into the team, but since the first moment she had performed really well with her instinctive erotic style. Tamara is the latest member of the team, but also the most hard-working. It is hard to pay attention to her juggling because of her enchanting smile, but her spectacular and dangerous movements are worth watching. Szücsi's profile is the personalization of robustness with tremendously aggressive masculine performance. We are keen on diversity, active life and our goal is to achieve always something greater and greater.

"In Greek mythology Hestia (Roman: Vesta), the oldest daughter of Cronus and Rhea, is the virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, the permanent settlement and the right ordering of domesticity and the family. She receives the first and the last offering at every sacrifice in the household, because she blesses the beginning and the end. It's thought that she'd never left the Olympus so she hasn't got as many as exploits like the other Gods."

About Us

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Hestia Tűz és fényzsonglőr csoport - Tűztáncosok, Tűzforgatók, Tűzfújók

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